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About Me

I'm Bec.

The way to my heart has always been through food (and now wine). When i was a kid, my eyes would light up at the candy sold at a milk bar. Now my eyes still light up the exact same way over cheese, lollies, and everything in between. 

I have always taken an interest in new foods- whether it is an interesting tropical fruit, different slice of cold meat, or the newest, finest cheese from the local farmers market. It is always exciting  for me to discover something new.  


In my eyes there is no better way to experience food than grazing with loved ones. 


From this, Fancy Nancy was born! I will share my love of food with you and your loved ones. From fresh local produce to those childhood treats you may have forgotten about, add a touch of Fancy to your next event. You will see your guests eyes light up too.

Bec x 

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